About Diades

Diades was founded by Laurens de Vries after nearly 35 years of daily programming to combine his vast experience in programming and IT-management with his interest in training (young) professionals to improve their knowledge and skills in the field he has grown so attached to.

Programming and IT management

Diades provides a range of services within all Information Technologies. We are available for single projects as well as short and long term interim solutions within your IT departments. Our experience ranges from aerospace to PCI compliance, from web applications, payment systems and industrial automation to cloud computing and big data. Being able to work with a broad range of programming languages and platforms, Diades is always able to find a solution for your specific needs.

Diades is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has provided services for businesses both local and (inter)national. Wherever there is an internet connection, we will find a solution to help your organization with your requests. We work with a broad network of highly skilled, independent professionals who can be added to our or your team when needed.

Interim management and training

Laurens de Vries is available as an interim manager and trainer. With Diades, Laurens hopes to bring his vast expertise to your company to help (re)start your IT department or project.

In the 18 years before founding Diades, Laurens worked as trainer, Director of Development and CTO for international companies in New York and Amsterdam. In these roles he consulted with many large European and American publishing houses, hosting providers and marketing firms.

After 35 years in programming and 18 years management, Laurens has an immense amount of knowledge to share. In personal or group training sessions he can help (young) IT-professionals grow in their roles. Laurens can provide in-house training for new and current employees in a vast array of IT-related subjects.

Please contact us to see what Diades can do to improve IT within your organization.