Software Development and testing

Diades provides a range of engineering services within all Information Technologies. We are available for single projects as well as short and long term interim solutions within your IT department. Diades provides you with professional software development using modern and proven technologies, methods and frameworks. With nearly 35 years in the field, we have experience with aerospace systems, web applications, payment systems and industrial automation. Translating business needs into a solid but flexible architecture is often key to a successful project.

Programming languages

Diades is experienced in working with modern information systems which are built from a multitude of operating systems, programming languages, and methodologies. Small IOT devices programmed with C++ , Javascript on the web frontend, Android on mobile communicates through  Lambda functions on the Amazon Edge and PHP webservers to SQL databases. whose operating systems are scripted with Python code.


Testing is an important part of the software development. Diades can assist in setting up a modern testing environment and automate the testing processes, using for instance Selenium and Katalon.