After 35 years in programming and 18 years management, Laurens has an immense amount of knowledge to share. In personal or group training sessions he can help (young) IT-professionals grow in their roles. Laurens can provide in-house training for new and current employees in a vast array of IT-related subjects.

Diades can also provide information security awareness training to your staff. Sometimes this is just a formal requirement, but in the modern world it is always useful to protect your organisation.

Technology advances quickly and becomes more technically complex.   It is time consuming to sift through the noise of the internet to find the relevant information.  Can you afford not to know what blockchain really is?  Diades can give you a high level overview of the blockchain landscape or can get your developers ready to program their first smart contract with Solidity.

Please contact us to see what Diades can do to improve within your organization.